Saturday, 21 November 2015

Guess whose back?

Ok so it seems it's been a long time between drinks, or blog posts rather. Mainly because I set up this blog to track my 12wbt journey and I've been off track for quite sometime. I've just signed up for the December round to kick my butt back into gear. Since I did my first round I've regained all that I lost and some, putting me at my heaviest, and the most unhealthy I've ever been and also felt- I feel sluggish, I feel bleh. So I've come back to what worked for me- a program which dictates what to do but has flexibility too. I've come to hate meal planning and working out what to have, I like following something and then modifying the little details as I go.

So here I am. And I'm going to kick some of this bloody weight and get back some of my fitness and strength. I'm saying it out loud- I'm here for some success this round. More ramblings will follow I'm sure, I just thought I should put this out there (especially since I link to this blog from my 12wbt posts!).




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